One of the big questions that people ask when they have cryptid creatures coming around their homes is how to make them stop. Sometimes it is hard to figure out why they are coming to your home in the first place. There are a myriad of known and unknown reasons why they may grace your property with their presence. The first step is to attempt to determine what may be causing these visits. Are you leaving a food source accessible to them? Are you going into their territory? Is your property in one of their travel routes? Is there something you did that could have caused them to become curious about you, or something on your property? These are some good questions to ponder when trying to figure out why they are coming around your home. There are also reasons they may come that we will probably never know.

The methods discussed in this article are suggestions, and there is no scientific data to support, or detract from their effectiveness.

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Remove / Secure Food Sources – Sometimes cryptids come to your property in search of an easily accessible food source. If you determine this to be the case; removing, or securing the food source might reduce the frequency of their visits. Do be aware that once the food source is removed, or inaccessible the cryptid might not be happy about that fact. If you have unknowingly fed the cryptid for a number of years; they have probably become dependent on that food source, and they won’t be happy when it is removed. We have all heard the stories of what happens when people stop feeding cryptids, and we know that cryptids can be destructive in situations like this.

My recommendation if you are in this type of situation would be to attempt to ween them off the food source, and not completely remove it at one time. For example; if you store 400 lbs of sweet feed in an unlocked shed, and you have a Bigfoot who is coming in and eating half of that in a week, I would slowly ween them off. I would construct a new storage location, and split the storage amount to start. Only put 200 lbs into the unlocked shed. When he comes in he will see the difference, but be OK with his food source still being available. The next week I would put 175 lbs into the unlocked shed, and do that for a couple of weeks. The goal is to increase the amount of time in between the reduction of the amount stored. This way you aren’t totally cutting him off, and he’s not getting upset. As you do this the creature should start supplementing the reduction of sweet feed with other natural things that he comes into contact with in the environment. Granted; I’m not an expert in anything but being highly irritating, but from a logical standpoint this would be the best thing to do when trying to compensate and that is my opinion.

Stop Going Into Their Territory – We have all heard the old saying “They will follow you home” when it comes to investigating cryptids. Some say that this isn’t a valid statement, and I didn’t believe it myself until it happened to me. We as humans tend to think about things in a manner that fits into our scope of familiarity. We go into cryptid territory and think that there is no way they will follow us home over a distance of 10 to 40 miles. I am here to tell you that is not true, because they can and will follow you home. If you find that you are seeing them around your home and the only different thing is that you have been to their territory, it might be a good idea to take a break from going to those places. If that doesn’t help after some time, it might be a good idea to explore other reasons why they might be coming around.

Vapor Lights – Lights provide a good source of security and deterrence of cryptids. They are not 100% effective in deterring all cryptids. There have been reports of cryptids being spotted under street lights, and vapor lights. I personally have seen where a vapor light didn’t deter a cryptid. If anything; lights level the playing field where you can see them, and they can’t sneak around on your property like they can in total darkness. This is probably the biggest contributor to vapor lights being as effective as they are.

You can contact your local electric company to see about getting one installed. If you prefer a more hands on approach, or need to put light into a specific area there is a good alternative available. I have not personally used these lights, but the design concept, and reviews reflect that they are a good solution. They are useful in areas where you don’t have electric lines installed, or if you are trying to be budget conscious. I plan to get a couple of these to put on the property at some point.

Game Cameras – Game cameras have been used by researchers in an attempt to obtain proof of cryptids, but the use of the devices seem to be more of a deterrent than anything. Some speculate as to why this is the case, but no one knows for sure why cryptids tend to avoid game cameras. There is a belief that these creatures may be able to see spectrum’s that humans can’t, and this is why they avoid sources of IR light. It could also be that they don’t like the smell that the devices emit during operation, or the sound of the device triggering. No one is sure why this is the case, but game cameras may be beneficial to you in trying to keep cryptids away from your home. Game camera prices range from $40 to as much as you want to spend, but if you are using them as a deterrent cheaper might be better.

Fire-arms – Fire-arms should only be used when there is a direct and imminent threat of death upon you, or a loved one. It is not a good idea to shoot at cryptids because the trend tends to be that the cryptids end up actively waging some form of retaliation against the person, or persons who are doing the shooting. There has been some success with firing shots into the air, or ground, but not at the cryptid itself. Apparently they don’t like the sound of explosions. A good alternative to fire-arms could be the use of fire-works in their place because there is no risk of accidentally shooting someone. Fire-works give the same loud noise effect, without the side effects associated with fire-arms.