Upright Creature Walks Across Clearing

Location: Undisclosed

Time of Year: Spring During Turkey Season

This series of events was related to me by a woman that I know during a conversation about weird events and happenings.

This woman lives on a farm, and there is a 100 acres parcel of land that is owned by a neighbor that adjoins their property. She and her husband were maintaining the 100 acre parcel for their neighbor in exchange for the right to ride their horses on the property. One afternoon she got a call from the neighbor who sounded a bit frantic on the phone. He is an older gentleman who frequently hunted in a small patch of woods on the back of the 100 acre parcel. He called and asked her if she had recently been riding her horse on the property, and she related that she had not. He seemed relieved and began to relate the events of that morning.

He had gone into the patch of woods on the back of the property, and found a place to sit and call turkeys on the edge of a small clearing that was maybe 40-50 yards wide. He thought it would be a good place to try to lure an old tom in because he would be able to see them coming from across the clearing. He had gotten into position; sat down, and decided to wait a bit before calling. He had been sitting there for about 15-20 minutes when he heard the sound of something moving through the woods in the direction of the midpoint of the clearing. He related that at first glance it looked like a bear down on all fours walking into the clearing. He said it walked maybe 15 yards into the clearing and stood up like a man. It looked around for a few seconds before it walked across the clearing on two legs, and into the woods. The man left the woods soon after it went out of sight.

He felt the need to warn her about his sighting of this creature. He suggested that she not ride in that area for a while. He didn’t know what it was, but he was sure that it wasn’t a bear. He related that it walked like a man as it moved across the clearing, and that shook him up pretty bad because he didn’t know what it was.

I inquired as to whether, or not she had noticed anything out of the ordinary on their farm and initially said no. She then related that she was riding her horse on the back of their property one day, and there was no one else on the property. She was coming up a hill, and out of nowhere something large hit her in the back. Based on her reaction I gather that the impact hurt, and she was also upset about mud getting all over her jacket. She related that she looked and could see that it was a large, softball sized mud ball that had hit her in the middle of her back. She said she looked around and tried to see who had thrown this at her, and was going to give them a piece of her mind. There was no one that she could see.

* We can’t confirm, or deny that what the man saw on his property was a Bigfoot, dog man, or some other cryptid. We also can’t confirm that the large mud ball was thrown by a cryptid, because it could have been thrown by a human that was hiding in the nearby woods. The only connection we can definitely make is that these two incidents happened within a close proximity to each other, and at different times.*