The Red Devil

Location: Trigg County, KY and the Land Between the Lakes


I worked with two men at a previous job; both who related different accounts of encounters with The Red Devil, and both were rather harrowing stories.

The first incident was related by one gentleman who told me that when he was in high school that he would hang out at an ice cream shop that used to be just East of the Lake Barkley bridge. He told me that he was in that shop one evening after dark when two older women pulled into the parking lot and seemed very shaken and scared. Being a small town and wanting to offer help if they needed it he asked them if they were OK. At first the were reluctant to tell him what had happened, but eventually they related the events that had happened on their way back from Murray, KY. They were heading through the Land Between the Lakes and were nearing the overpass that goes over “The Trace”. They were talking and were just about to go over the overpass when something was in the middle of their lane. At first they couldn’t see it clearly, but as they got closer they could see that it was a “Devil creature with wings, and horns, and red skin”. They also related that this being had a pitch fork in it’s hand. By the time they had gotten close enough to see it and determine what it was, they were right on it and about to hit it. The one lady related that they drove right through it, and it disappeared. This event had scared these two ladies and they decided that stopping at the ice cream shop would be safe for them, and would give them a few minutes to calm their nerves. They waited a while, and left on their way to head home.

During the time of the second event there were stirrings and tales related concerning a red skinned, winged creature that would swoop at passing cars on a particular stretch of road in the county. There was a gentleman who was heading home from work one evening and was approaching this stretch of road, and had no idea that something scary was about to take place. As he came around a bend in the road, and started to ascend a hill there was a winged creature that swooped down at the vehicle. No doubt the man was scared and probably swerving to avoid a collision with this being as it flew across the hood of his vehicle. After it made its pass, he continued his drive home where he recounted the story to his family. News of the event spread quickly within the community, and a group of men went back to the location in an attempt to hunt the creature down and kill it. Upon their arrival there was no sign of the creature.