What is a cryptid?

A cryptid; according to Merriam – Webster, is an animal claimed to be real but has not been proven to exist. In recent years researchers within the fields of UFOlogy and the Paranormal have added creatures that they have encountered into this genre. They have encountered strange creatures while investigating, and wanted to give them a place to be examined.

Some creatures the fall into this category are:

Bigfoot – Sasquatch – Yeti – Yowie – Yeren – Skunk Ape – Almas

Jersey Devil – Mothman – Goatman – Lizard Man

Thunderbirds – Pterasaurs – Flying Humanoids

Mystery Big Cats – Giant Snakes – Chupacabra

Dogman – Werewolves – Wendigo

Mermaids – Mermen – Aquatic Apes

Fae – Fairies – Little People

Loch Ness Monster – Ogopogo – Champ – Megladon – Kraken – Giant Squid