I keep telling myself that I am going to set up some of those No Glow game cameras, but would anyone believe any of this stuff that is going on? I’m not out to prove anything to anyone, and that is a factor in why I am disinterested in documenting all of this stuff. I guess I do it in the event that something happens one day. Some people just don’t, or refuse to understand what has happened. They look at me and see only what I show them. They have no idea what all is entailed in dealing with these things. It’s always easier to make an assumption when you on the outside and looking in at someone else’s situation. They just know that I’m not sharing information and because of that I am automatically labeled as someone who is hard to deal with, or someone that is looking out for themselves only. I don’t care that they do this from a view of not understanding everything that I have been through, but I will admit that it gets very frustrating sometimes. I know that some people must think I’m making all of this stuff up to get attention, or wanting something out of it. I can assure you that is not the case. The last thing I want is any kind of attention. I would be perfectly happy if I never had another encounter with anything cryptid related. The only reason why I’m writing these blogs is because I have no one to talk to about this stuff. Either I get the crazy eye, or people are so on board with what I’m relating that they want to take the info and try to use it some way to make a profit for themselves. It’s times like these when I miss my dad greatly.

I saw where Don Peak’s research partners had an encounter with a Predator type entity. I imagine that an up close encounter like they had is very stressful. Luckily; the one I ran into I was driving down a road, it wasn’t right up on me like it was for these gals. It’s something I don’t often talk about because it’s just one of those crazy sounding things that you don’t expect to hear people mention. I admit that it does sound wild and outlandish, but it did happen. I don’t know what this thing was, but only know that it resembled the Predator when he was cloaked. I know it sounds crazy, but the person who thinks it’s insane the most is me. I really only had one thought when I saw it, and that was to get out of the area as quick as I could. The fact that people are seeing these things is a game changer. This thing could creep up on you in the woods and you would never know it unless you were paying extreme attention to your surroundings. There have been a few videos of this thing to come out in recent years, and they are always met with a lot of criticism. I guess that is a combination of prejudice against different researchers, and pure disbelief.

There are some researchers out there that are working within the scope of their own agenda who have called me crazy and a liar because of the things I have encountered. I didn’t ask for these things to happen, and I sure as heck don’t think it’s right for someone to disregard people without really understanding what is going on. The fact that I have been able to try to understand is the main reason why I have formulated a lot of the ideas and understandings that I have. Some might say that I’m a hypocrite because I don’t have much to do with people in the cryptid community. I was there, and I tried to work toward a common goal with a lot of the people in the community. The problem arose when it became evident to me that some in the community can’t/won’t do their own research, but expect others to supply them with new material to keep their cash flow going. I am not going to do that for anyone. These are the same people that a lot of folks idolize, and give the title of expert. The truth is that there are no experts. I always have wanted to stay in the background and out of any kind of limelight because of the area I live in, and because I live by a different set of rules than a lot of people. It was time for me to go my own way and do my own thing.