I had the opportunity to speak with Rictor Riolo last night about the state of the Bigfoot community. Seems that things within the community are, and have been in a dire state for some time now. I’m pretty sure that as I type this he is looking for an angle to showcase me as a crackpot Bigfooter, which is to be expected. Most Bigfooters are missing the boat when it comes to Rictor in my opinion. They tend to think that he is just trying to be mean to them, or using them as a source of comedy to be exploited on the internet. The fact is that these people bring this upon themselves. The majority of them never had to deal with the likes of Jon Erik Beckjord when he was terrorizing the Bigfoot world, and they don’t understand the necessity of Rictor in our existence. Rictor is the voice in the back of your mind telling you about all of the stupid things you say and do, and trying to convince you to be a better person. He uses his own brand of comedy to attempt to get the person to accept responsibility for their actions. Sadly; the majority won’t pay his voice a bit of attention and continue on their delusional path. They will continue to feed their egos with the attention of their following.

I enjoy watching Rictor’s videos, because they are funny in most cases. I believe it is important to listen to the views of others and be perceptive of what they are saying. We shouldn’t forget the intent that he is trying to convey to our community. It is my belief that he just wants our community to be a better place. It would be so much better if people in the community would cut out some of the crap that they are doing, saying, and promoting. I have to say that if some of us weren’t so caught up in climbing the imaginary ladder to fame and fortune we could be focusing on providing unbiased and valid research. Everything that takes place in the community (It Seems) is about an angle, a jab, defaming someone, or outright taking advantage of people. Is it really that hard to treat people with respect, dignity, and some honesty? The really sad thing is that there are people who (for whatever reason) are unable to go into the field to investigate and validate what the self ordained experts are saying. They are subject to the word (honor, or lack thereof) of the person who is telling the information… True, or not! My advice is “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see!” Why would they do this? It’s actually rather simple to explain, and the way I have observed it for a long time it still true. They want followers who will hang on their every word; feed either their ego, their pocket book, or both. Don’t get me wrong; I understand that it takes money to live, and there is nothing wrong with making an honest living. The key word is “honest!”

Don’t worry monsters….. I didn’t sell anyone out……. Even though I could…..