In recent years there have been encounters that have taken place by people who describe a creature that fits the description of the Rake. It is said that the Rake is a fictional creature that was created in the minds of individuals who were looking to formulate the “best” monster that they could come up with. There is also speculation that this creature was brought into existence through the collective consciousness as a thought form. You know; the old adage that if you think it, it will happen. On the flip side; The Monster Wiki relates that there are documented cases of this creature being real from the 1800’s and the 16th century. There are also websites out there that debunk the validity of videos and stories of Rake encounters.

Creepy Seven Paranormal’s Rake Video

Is it possible that this is a real creature that we have mis-identified, or classified? There are numerous videos on YouTube depicting encounters with this creature, and people who claim to have had encounters with them as well. I’m not going to get into any kind of contest as to whether, or not these accounts are valid. My hope is that I’m never in a position to find out that they are true, and real. I’ve seen enough crazy stuff in my time.