For some time now there has been an increase in the number of people who claim that a person has a higher chance of encountering a cryptid when they are unarmed. I would have to say that is not true, because a high majority of encounters are related by hunters.

Please bear in mind that I would never engage in an active hunt to kill scenario, and would advise strongly against doing so. As a responsible gun owner I would never take a shot at a cryptid unless there was an imminent threat of death to myself, or someone else. We all know that a person can not determine how they are going to react during an encounter. This is the reason why I rarely extend invitations to people who want to accompany me on research trips. There is a high liability rate when your group number increases, but it becomes 20 fold when those people have never encountered a cryptid before. My short response is: I don’t want to get shot by anyone because they freak out during an encounter, and they make a poor decision.

My recommendation to anyone who is wanting to utilize firearms for self protection and hunting is to get some training. It is also very important to understand that firearms should only be used as a last resort. There is nothing glamorous about having to kill someone in self defense. There is also nothing worse than accidentally killing someone because you think that you are a gun expert and you misjudge how you are going to react during a scenario due to the lack of training. There are many schools out there who offer training courses that can help prepare you for dealing with the stresses involved in a self defense situation. Get some kind of training! Watch firearm safety videos on YouTube! Don’t jeopardize yourself, or someone else because of your ego! Do something!

We all know that there are a high number of encounters that involve hunters. The fact that hunters are the ones who are armed while in the woods should tell you that the concept of being unarmed to have an encounter is not factual. It is also important to consider the stories that we hear about people who have taken shots at cryptids and the outcome not being good. Granted; some of these stories are hard to prove, but that doesn’t change the fact that attempting to shoot one of these cryptids might not be the best idea.

I think it is safe to say that some of these cryptids are aware of firearms, and what they are even if by nothing but observation alone. I’m also pretty sure that an inanimate object (ie…firearm) doesn’t radiate some kind of signal that says “I’m Here!” to alert cryptids of its presence. Actually; it is my belief that this whole concept has been propagated in an attempt to politicize cryptid research, and utilize the concept in an unjust fashion. If you choose to limit your ability to defend yourself against threats that is your prerogative. It doesn’t change the fact that every living creature on this planet has the right and ability to defend itself in preservation of its own life. It also doesn’t change the fact that predatory creatures do what they do as well.

I can assure you that if something gets a good hold on you; whether it be a cryptid or some other known wild animal, you are going to do everything in your power to try to defend yourself against the attack. Not to mention that there are dope growers, meth labs, and other nefarious people hanging around in forests and wooded areas who could pose a threat to you while you are out there. Why would you want to increase the odds that you become victimized while you are doing something you enjoy doing? Nothing is fail proof, but knowing that you have the ability to defend yourself should take precedence over wanting to encounter a cryptid. There is no way that you can ensure that you have higher success while out researching and to think that putting yourself at higher risk puts you at better odds doesn’t make sense.

I get it; guns are not for some people, but the moral of the story is more so that you shouldn’t let someone else dictate how you feel about a particular concept. Be your own person! Do what is right for you, and your particular situation. Don’t let the views of others cost you more than you are willing to pay!